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    Loose snus (aka lös, los, or lössnus) is loose-weight, ground tobacco which has been moistened, salted, and pasteurized. Most commercially prepared Swedish snus will additionally contain food grade humectants, pH stabilizers and flavorings. Swedish snus has been produced and used by locals for more than 200 years. Swedish snus is traditionally formed by hand (baking) [...]

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    Loose snus is different from American dipping tobacco, also known as, dip, spit tobacco or moist snuff, in many ways. Swedish loose is normally used under the upper lip whereas American dip is used under the lower lip. Loose snus tends to have a consistency of mud and holds together well. Dip does not hold [...]

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    Traditionally users have formed cylindrical or spherical loose snus portions using their fingers and hands. In recent years, “snus tools” began being sold to aid in portion creation. Hand “baking” can be a dirty endeavor for lössnus users. Having black “grime” on ones hands and under their fingernails sometimes matters and other times it don’t. [...]

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